October 25, 2014
[IMAGE] This month we released our first single towards our upcoming 4th CD: THE GIRL HOLDING OUT FOR ME!! Go take a listen, read more info and lyrics, and download your copy now!

May 9, 2014 - A new beginning: CD #4!
VWR is thrilled to announce that the first studio sessions for the start of four new songs (which will begin our efforts on a FOURTH CD) have been booked today!! We will be going into Cue Studios, in Falls Church VA on Friday, May 16th to lay down Andy's drum tracks on these four all new tunes. Look for more updates along the way as CD #4 efforts begin!

April 9, 2014 - NEW "You Set The World On Fire" Video!
Our video for "Rings Around The Sun"'s first track "You Set The World On Fire" has just been released. As well as featuring our pals Copernicus, Einstein, Henry Ford, & Steve Jobs, it also includes live footage of the band performing at IPO in New York in 2013, and at the Wammie Awards Show in Washinton DC in 2014. Check it out here:

February 28, 2014

VWR PERFORMS AT THE 2014 WAMMIES!! VWR had the honor of performing at the 28th Annual Wammie Awards Show at State Theater on February 16th. The played a combo of "You Set The World On Fire" and "The Better Part" in front of a crowd of over 1,000 of the DC metropolitan area's finest musicians, producers and industry personnel. We had a great time rocking the State Theater stage with everyone, and a number of cool pics and video were shot, including those here! Photos here include shots by Laura S. Tinnel (used by permission. For usage info, see: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.611147528921962.1073741832.208826902487362&type=3), as well as Sarai Lange, and Linda Parker.

February 1, 2014 - NEW "Making of RINGS AROUND THE SUN" Video!
Our long awaited "Making Of" video is finally complete! The video features footage from the "Rings Around The Sun" recording sessions, including in-studio clips of VWR recording every song on the CD. It also includes recording footage of nearly all of the CD's guest musicians such as David Myhr, Brandon Schott, Bob Wilson, Andy Reed, Wim Oudijk, and Drake Harris. The video is interspersed with clips from recent radio interviews about "Rings" by Michael McCartney (The Time Machine), Alan Haber (Alan Haber's Pure Pop), and Adam Waltemire (Pop Garden Radio). Finally, it also shows excerpts of recent "Rings Around The Sun" reviews and commentary by Aaron Kupferberg, Steve Murdock, Wayne Lundqvist Ford, and Bill Sammon. The video was put together and edited by the multi-talented Todd Stanton, for Todd Productions (toddproductions.com). It's a great way to get a quick overview of the new album. Check it out here:

January 28, 2014
WAMMIE NOMINATIONS! Wammie nom's just came out, and VWR is honored to have been nominated this year for Wammies in FIVE Categories by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). Our nominations include:

� Album Of The Year (for "Rings Around The Sun")
� Pop/Rock Group
� Video Of The Year (for "Snow Day")
� Album Artwork (Nancy Harty for "Rings Around The Sun")
� Pop/Rock Album (for "Rings Around The Sun")

If you�d like to take a look at all the nominees, as well as see all 6 of the nominated album covers, check out the Wammie ballot here.

January 5, 2014
[IMAGE] We are honored that our new CD "Rings Around The Sun" has been included on numerous "Top CD's of 2013" lists! Here's a few that have come out so far:

Absolute Powerpop's Top 100 Albums of 2013 (#25),
Power Popaholics's 25 Best CD's of 2013 (#20),
The Top 20 Songs of 2013 by Pop That Goes Crunch(#9, You Set The World On Fire),
Shockpop! Spark's List of Very Nice 2013 Indie CD's
Pop Fair's Top 25 Power Pop Cd's of 2013 (#24)
Power Pop Action (Spain)'s Top 100 CD's of 2013 (#36)
Power Pop Station (Brazil)'s Top 100 CD's of 2013 (#39)
Power Pop Academy (Japan)'s Top 40 CD's of 2013 (11-40)

December 26, 2013
Our new CD has just been given a complete track by track review by the LA Examiner! "Read the Review Here",

December 8, 2013
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE] "Rings" CD RELEASE PARTY!! A huge thanks to all who came out to our "Rings Around The Sun" CD Release Party this week! We had a blast at the show -- which also featured Jamie Hoover and Steve Stoeckle of NC's The Spongetones and the duo Jamie & Steve, and The GoAround. MC'ing the night was Pure Pop Radio's Alan Haber, who also joined us on stage to provide the weather report section of "Snow Day". The night closed with Jamie & Steve joining us on stage to sing and play on a rousing version of "The Better Part". A most excellent time was had by all! All of these photos were taken by Laura S. Tinnel (used by permission. For usage info, see: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.611147528921962.1073741832.208826902487362&type=3) except the Brock&Steve pic, which was taken by Andrea Beck.

November 22, 2013
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE]IPO 2013 We had a blast playing the 2013 NYC International Pop Overthrow Music Festival on 11/17 at Matchless in Brooklyn, and meeting up again with many NYC friends and fans! Here are just a few pics of the night, and many more can be found on our Facebook page. Next Stop - VA!

October 27, 2013
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE]NY & VA RELEASE PARTIES!! Announcing our NY CD Release Party on 11/17 at Matchless in Brooklyn, and our VA CD Release Party on 12/2 at Jammin' Java!

Our NY Show & Party is Sunday evening, November 17 at the infamous International Pop Overthrow Music Festival! The line-up includes: 7:30 meyerman; 8:15 Vegas With Randolph; 9:00 Starbelly; 9:45 Jana Peri; 10:30 The Anderson Council.
Bar Matchless is located at 557 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn, can be reached at 718 383-5333, and can be found online at http://barmatchless.com/events.html. Bar Matchless is a 21+ venue. Show is $10, at the door.

Our DC Area Release Party is December 2nd at Jammin' Java! Also performing are Jamie & Steve of the legendary NC powerpop band "The Spongetones"! FREE download of "Rings Around The Sun" and VWR Sticker with all ticket purchases !! All ages show. Jammin' Java is at 227 Maple Ave E Vienna, VA 22180 Doors Open at 6pm. Jamie & Steve start at 7:30. VWR Starts at 8:45. Get your TICKETS now!

September 30, 2013
[IMAGE] Our new CD RINGS AROUND THE SUN is released today!! Go stream some songs, check out the packages, and order your copy now!

September 21, 2013
[IMAGE] Nine days until the digital release of Rings Around The Sun! And as such, we have NEW TRACKS available for you to check out - Listen now to "Everybody Wants An Atom Bomb" and "You Set The World On Fire"!
In addition, the artwork has been coming together on a new limited edition "Rings Around The Sun" T-Shirt. We'll be posting T-Shirt design updates here as it develops over the next week. T-Shirts will only be available as a pre-order so, NOW is the time to Pre-Order a CD or T-Shirt! As always, VWR hugely appreciates your support, and we can't wait to hear what you think about the new CD next week!

September 9, 2013
[IMAGE] This week we are finalizing the mixes and masters of the last two songs on our new CD: "You Set The World On Fire" and "Everybody Wants An Atom Bomb". The CD will be in manufacturing this time next week! To celebrate we have released our latest interview for free download - it talks about all the songs and includes recordings of 8 of the 13 songs! Links are here: VWR "In Conversation" interview with Alan Haber - Part 1 and VWR "In Conversation" interview with Alan Haber - Part 2. Check them out!

August 19, 2013
[IMAGE] Our new single "Empathia" was pre-released to a number of our favorite radio stations this week - call or text your favorite DJ and ask them to give her a spin. Or, if you prefer, pick up a copy for yourself via immediate download when you pre-order our new CD "Rings Around The Sun" here!

July 24, 2013
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] SUMMER COMPILATIONS! Vegas With Randolph songs are being released this summer on two brand new compilation CD's which feature powerpop and indiepop artists from all over the US and world. A little about each of these:

Powerpopaholic-Fest Original Soundtrack Volume II - This long awaited album sponsored by powerpoaholic.com features artists who will be appearing at the Power Popaholic Fest in NYC, and other like-minded bands. It's 14 tracks of melodic, psychedelic, and rockin' power pop perfection from beginning to end! This disc features VWR's song "Salt Water Taffy"!

Pop Garden Radio presents The Rock On The Road Tour - Season 4 - Pop Garden Radio (www.popgardenradio.com) Host Adam Waltemire's goal with each of these CDs is to represent what a PGR Rock on the Road Tour show feels like, as well as to have a similar vibe to an episode of Pop Garden Radio. He�d love to think that after listening to this disc you will check out more music by these great artists. ! This disc features VWR's song "Julianne"!

July 13, 2013

INTERVIEW AND "EMPATHIA" DEBUT - Sunday, July 14th at 4pm --This week we spoke for well over an hour with veteran radio host and pure pop/pop power pop luminary Alan Haber in detail about our upcoming CD. We covered ideas, recording, arrangements and thought processes behind our 8 finished songs (all eight of them will be played during the interview). In addition, we also discussed ideas behind most of the unfinished songs, including John�s dub of 3 of them as �dissertation songs�. AND � Alan will be doing a world radio premier of another brand new VWR song called �EMPATHIA�. This one is a bit different for us stylistically (its one of a handful on this CD where we stretched out a bit), so we�re very curious to hear what you think of the result. Tune in, check it out & then drop us a line! It can all be heard this Sunday the 14th at 4pm EST online at: Alan Haber's Pure Pop Radio Show Tune in!

Thanks so much to all who have made their �Rings Around The Sun� pre-orders so far!! We have just surpassed 10% of our pre-order goal, which is a great start. We still have a ways to go though -- Your purchases, additional pledges, and posting, emailing, and spreading the word about this pre-order �campaign� and about our upcoming CD �Rings Around The Sun� are HUGELY APPRECIATED. To Pre-order: Click here to Pre-Order "Rings Around The Sun"!

July 4, 2013
[IMAGE] The new Vegas With Randolph CD "Rings Around The Sun" is now available for Pre-ordering! This Pre-Order page is VWR's version of "Kickstarter". All Pre-Order Proceeds and additional pledges will go towards funding the completion of the mastering & manufacturing of the "Rings Around The Sun" CD. Quantities of CDs, T-Shirts, Stickers and etc available will all be dependent on pre-order funding. There are a variety of pre-order "rewards" packages available with varying degree of CD's, T-Shirts & other goodies available. Please go to the link and take a look at the options:

VWR VERY MUCH APPRECIATES your support and generosity, as it is what enables us to continue to make new CDs for you. Your purchases, additional pledges, and posting, emailing, and spreading the word on this site and CD are HUGELY APPRECIATED.

Click here for more info and to Pre-Order "Rings Around The Sun"!

June 7, 2013
[IMAGE] INTERVIEW AND NEW SONG DEBUT - June 29! Recording progress towards our next CD "Rings Around The Sun" continues, and we have now crossed the threshold where more than half of the songs (7 of 13) are mixed and mastered! We continue this month mixing new songs "Empathia", "Late June", and "My Lost Colony".

Meantime, TWO NEW SONGS WILL BE DEBUTED along with an interview of VWR on JUNE 29th on TWIRL RADIO. Tune in then to hear our interview and these songs (which include the CD's title cut and one other) played for the first time on radio. This will also likely be the only chance to hear them before the CD's release later this year. Probably around 7:30EST, but check back here for more specific times. Click here for Twirl Radio Interview on June 29!

May 6, 2013
[IMAGE] Our cover of The Little River Band's "Cool Change", along with 27 other excellent tributes to the lite rock of the late 70's, are for sale as of this week, on this newly released compilation! Click here to listen to, or download, all tracks on "Drink A Toast To Innocence"!

April 19, 2013

There is a brand new �Vegas With Randolph� interview that has just been posted on PopGeekHeaven.com. Much is revealed in this interview about the next CD, including our Album Title, some collaborator�s names, song ideas, song titles, and more! You do have to sign up with the site to see the interview, but it is free & its a highly recommended site for all fans of powerpop and melodic rock anyway - so we strongly suggest you go for it. Let us know what you think:APRIL 2013 VWR INTERVIEW IN PGH

April 7, 2013

VWR's Eric & John recently met up with "Drink A Toast To Innocence" alum David Myhr in NYC, and Eric sat in on a couple songs in David's April 5th Concert. As well as being part of a great show, we also got to hang out with several NYC powerpop luminaries such as Paul Collins, Eytan Mirsky, and Dave Boogieman.

Meanwhile, new CD efforts have continued including artwork advances, new photo shoot and etc. And yeah, we've been working on our music a bit too. Read all about it in THIS MONTH'S VWR NEWSLETTER!

February 22, 2013
[IMAGE] Efforts on our new CD continue, and we are on target for a release sometime this summer or early fall 2013! Stay tuned for lots of upcoming info including album title, artwork, new photos, song info etc.

Meantime, the DATTI tribute CD that includes our cover of "Cool Change", as well as a variety of other really great artists, is now taking orders on its Kickstarter page - lots of great rewards there as well, including CDs and signed lyric sheets by Vegas With Randolph! Click here for all the details!

January 25, 2013
Vegas With Randolph is honored to have been nominated by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) for "Pop Rock Duo/Group", for the 2013 Wammies Awards. This makes our THIRTEENTH Wammie nomination in the last five years, and we are extremely humbled by this and all of the honors that our music has received. For more info on our previous nominations, click here. Congrats and good luck to all the nominees!

January 18, 2013

In honor of some white stuff falling around DC, and parts of the northern hemisphere today, it's our newest video!:

December 31, 2012

2012 has been an incredible year of challenge, creativity, and refueling for VWR. It kicked off with the formidable challenge of following up last year's "Above The Blue" CD, one which contained many of our favorite songs we had ever written. Given this opportunity and boosted by the overwhelming response to that disc, the band has put together over 40 new songs through the course of 2012, all for recording consideration for our forthcoming third CD release in 2013. Meanwhile, our music was featured on 2012 compilation CD's by International Pop Overthrow, Pop Garden Radio and a Washington Area Music Association collection, was used in video spots, continued to enjoy wonderful airplay support everywhere, and was spotlighted on blogs and websites around the world.

2013 holds even greater promise for Vegas With Randolph, since it will include THE RELEASE OF OUR THIRD CD (!), plans for tour dates, the spring release of the tribute CD containing our version of "Cool Change", and several new videos and interviews! So, while we welcome in 2013 in a big way, we want to take this opportunity to say a very sincere THANK YOU to all of you for your support in '12. You all make it so much fun to keep making, releasing, and performing the music we love! And if any of you are not already on our mailing list, please sign up here so we can keep in touch as this exciting new year comes at us.

A very prosperous, meaningful, and rocking "Lucky #13" to you all!


December 28, 2012
[IMAGE] Our new single "Snow Day" is now available at this link(as well as on iTunes & CDBaby), just in time for the winter season! Download it here:Snow Day. Also, be on the lookout for a video for this one, coming soon.

December 11, 2012 - TRIBUTE SONG VIDEO TEASER!

Vegas With Randolph's new recording for the 2013 Tribute CD "Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute to Lite Rock" is now complete! This compilation album was conceived by Portland's Andrew Curry, the executive producer, as a collection of today's modern rock and pop artists covering a relatively tight definition of "Lite Rock": a group of songs that were popular on FM radio particularly between 1978 and 1982.

Eric tells about the selection of The Little River Band's "Cool Change" for VWR: "Growing up in the '80s I found myself seeking out music beyond what was popular on radio at the time. This resulted in digging into the alternative scene, but also in looking backwards and doing a deep-dive into artists I had missed from the 60's and 70's. There was a local library near me that allowed you to check out both CDs and vinyl. I eventually began visiting it weekly and bringing home large handfuls of albums. During that time I was able to learn on a much deeper level about artists of all genres that were relatively obscure in Central Illinois, and that's also when I got to know many of the other artists that are covered on this Tribute album. Among these, I checked out several albums by The Little River Band and even grew quite fond of some of the early recordings of Shorrock, Birtles, and Goble -- the stuff that didn't get the Top 40 blast of LRB's later songs on their greatest hits album. My dad was big into sailing, and doing so with him during this period was probably a big reason the song "Cool Change" really resonated for me. So LRB, and this tune, was an easy pick for me - and the guys were kind enough to oblige. But being in VWR a few years later... well, we've given the song a bit of a change. We hope you'll think it's a cool one. ;)"

For more about the DATTI Tribute CD see: "Drink A Toast To Innocence - A Tribute To Lite Rock".

December 4, 2012
[IMAGE] We are nearly done with our 70's cover track for the Tribute CD "Drink A Toast To Innocence - A Tribute To Lite Rock". Here John records some of vocals. Be looking for a link to check out VWR's first-ever cover recording soon. Also, we are on the verge of rolling out a really fun new winter/seasonal song, as our "holiday" song contribution for this year. Check back on that shortly as well!

November 7, 2012
[IMAGE] We have completed our latest track towards CD #3 entitled "Julianne". Take a Listen Here!

November 4, 2012
[IMAGE] VWR is taking a temporary detour from CD #3 recording in November to finish up recording our Tribute Song (for more info on this upcoming compilation CD, see below). Here Brock Harris tracks the "saxaphone solo" section. Earlier today someone asked about Brock's recording setup. Interested? In Brock's words: "Signal chain yesterday was gtr, Friedman modded Marshall, greenback speaker, sm-57, great river pre, apogee converter, daw." So there you have it.

October 14, 2012
[IMAGE] VWR has begun recording a new interpretation of a late '70's track which will be included on the upcoming Tribute Album "Drink a Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To The Monsters of Lite Rock" which will be released in early 2013. In addition to VWR, the compilation includes a host of modern rock and powerpop artists covering late 70s/early 80s "lite rock" including Mike Viola, David Myhr, Throwback Suburbia, Linus of Hollywood, An American Underdog, Bleu McAuley, Michael Carpenter, Eytan Mirksy, and more. For more on this upcoming release, see "Drink A Toast To Innocence - Tribute CD"

October 10, 2012
" 'The Better (Part)' reminds me of Jellyfish, one of the best pop bands of the '90s. 'A Lesser Fool,' sung as a duet with Maxi Dunn, has definite shades of 'Babylon And On'-era Squeeze. If these bands I'm referencing mean anything to you, you should be reaching for your credit card to buy this, right now. It�s a tremendously fun and happiness-inducing listen.� Thanks to Dan Pavelich for today's review in the Kenosha News! Kenosha News: Vegas With Randolph - Above The Blue.

October 5, 2012
A new interview has just been posted for FREE download. In this nearly 60 minute interview, VWR's John and Eric discuss "Above The Blue", VWR's three new tracks released so far in 2012, compilation CD's, the upcoming third VWR CD, and efforts towards a tribute album that are under way. Includes discussions referencing Vinnie Zummo, Maxi Dunn, David Bash, Pop Garden Radio, Dave Purol, Brock Harris, Drake Harris, Wim Oudijk, Andrew Curry, Mike Viola, Throwback Suburbia, Linus of Hollywood, The Byrds, The Cars, An American Underdog, and Bleu McAuley to name a few. "10-5-12 INTERVIEW w/ DAVID MCMAHON"

October 1, 2012
Did you like the "Supergirl" video, but could use an extra dose of Amanda? Those fine people at Caged Giant Records have just put together this collection of outtakes from the video shoot, starring our Supergirl. Footage contains the infamous "flying" scenes, the ill-fated "Lindsay and Lee" cutouts, and other good stuff that just didn't fit into the song's 3:35. To see the final video, look just below.

September 15, 2012
New Interview! VWR's John and Eric chatted recently with Bob Wilson on "The Mithraem". The 60 minute VWR feature covered early material through this summer's "Salt Water Taffy" single, and was aired this week. Click hear to listen to the show: "The Mithraem - Vegas With Randolph Special"

September 1, 2012
Two new "Above The Blue" reviews have been published this week: on "Riveting Riffs" Magazine and The ELO/Beatles Forever Blog. Check them out!

August 21, 2012
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Recording towards our third CD continues this month with multiple sessions on two new songs "Julianne" and "Rings Around The Sun". Here Brock and Dave track lead guitar parts on "Julianne".

July 29, 2012
[IMAGE] Our new single "Salt Water Taffy" is a celebration of all things summer, and we're providing a FREE DOWNLOAD during the summer of 2012's hottest weeks! Grab it to crank as you throw your boards in the car and head beachward. For friends of VWR, Life is sticky sweet! Click here!: "Salt Water Taffy - FREE DOWNLOAD!"
Also, as an �anniversary special� for this week only both our CD �Above The Blue� and our debut �Vegas With Randolph� are available for only $5 !! If you know anyone who still doesn�t have them, let them know! Click here!: "$5 Cd'S!! (Week of 7/28/12 only)"

June 30, 2012 - NEW VIDEO: SUPERGIRL!

June 10, 2012
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Our new single "Nikki's Plan / Broadway" is now complete and, fittingly, will be premiered on Radio New York International -- on June 17th, 2012 at 9:30pm! The song will also be included as part of the 2012 International Pop Overthrow compilation CD, due out in August 2012. To hear the song, click here!: "Nikki's Plan/Broadway"

June 2, 2012
[IMAGE] Next Video "Supergirl" coming this month!

May 2, 2012
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Next Video "Supergirl"!: The majority of the filming for the upcoming Supergirl music video occured last weekend. Editing and some final filming is going on now, and look for our girl's video release in June!

April 26, 2012
"One of the coolest pure pop/power pop records of 2011..." New Above The Blue review out today by Goldmine Magazine (VWR Review). Check it out if you can!

April 8, 2012
[IMAGE] Recording started this week on a new song "Nikki's Plan"! Here John contemplates guitar arrangement options, in an early demo recording session for the song this month.

March 23, 2012
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Our newest song "Open Roads" is now mixed and will be released summer of 2012 on PGR's compilation CD "The Rock on the Road Tour - Season 3"! The song will debut on on Saturday, March 24 2012 at 9:15EST on Pop Garden radio, and the CD will be available for purchase throughPop Garden Radio. The song includes guest guitar by Drake Harris, and mastering by Steve Turnidge. Cover photo is by Darren Pierson, and graphics by Nancy Harty. Take a listen to the track here: "Open Roads"

February 2012
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Recording starts on our song "Open Roads". Here Dan pulls out his 5 string bass to capture that Low "D" & Eric wraps up some final vocals for the track.

January 2012 - NEW VIDEO!
[IMAGE] We have just released our newest video for "Some Time To Live"! See it here: "Some Time To Live" Video

December 2011
[IMAGE] As multiple "Top CD's of 2011" accolades are coming in for "Above The Blue", this month we have kicked off recording sessions for the first song on our upcoming third CD! Shown here, John adds some guitar to our upcoming "seasonal" single, (name witheld for reasons of suspense maximization and mystique!)

December 2011
[IMAGE] Our CD "Above The Blue" has just been listed on numerous "Best of 2011" lists, including David Bash's Top 100 (#9), Twirl Radio's Top 10 (#2), Power Pop Station (#33), The Time Machine, ShockPop (#5), Power Pop Action (#18), Indie Bands Blog (#41), and Pop Garden Radio (#1 Song of 2011)!! . We are grateful and honored to be included in all of these lists!

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] VWR performed on 11/4/11 at the renowned International Pop Overthrow music festival in New York City, along with a great lineup of indie pop bands including The Modulators, The Turnback, and Buddy Love. Look for a VWR track on the upcoming International Pop Overthrow compilation CD, coming out the summer of 2012.

October 2011 - BMI Songwriter Showcase - Hard Rock Cafe
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] VWR performed at DC's Hard Rock Cafe on 10/26, for the "Songwriter's On Call" Songwriter Showcase Event sponsored by BMI, and hosted by DC's Margot MacDonald. The band showcased original VWR music from both "Above The Blue" and the debut "Vegas With Randolph" CD, as well performed a duet with Margot on "A Lesser Fool."

October 2011 - "Above The Blue" CD Release Party!
[IMAGE] [IMAGE] We celebrated our new CD release with a tremendous crowd, including lots of you, this month at Vienna, VA's prime concert venue "Jammin' Java". The set was introduced by Alan Haber (of Alan Haber's Pure Pop radio show)and included nearly the entire ATB album. Vocalist Pam Long joined the band for several songs as well, and the event was shot by several cameras for potential future video releases.

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