February 1, 2014 - NEW "Making of RINGS AROUND THE SUN" Video!

Our long awaited "Making Of" video is finally complete! The video features footage from the "Rings Around The Sun" recording sessions, including in-studio clips of VWR recording every song on the CD. It also includes recording footage of nearly all of the CD's guest musicians such as David Myhr, Brandon Schott, Bob Wilson, Andy Reed, Wim Oudijk, and Drake Harris. The video is interspersed with clips from recent radio interviews about "Rings" by Michael McCartney (The Time Machine), Alan Haber (Alan Haber's Pure Pop), and Adam Waltemire (Pop Garden Radio). Finally, it also shows excerpts of recent "Rings Around The Sun" reviews and commentary by Aaron Kupferberg, Steve Murdock, Wayne Lundqvist Ford, and Bill Sammon. The video was put together and edited by the multi-talented Todd Stanton, for Todd Productions (toddproductions.com). It's a great way to get a quick overview of the new album. Check it out here!:

Children's Music Video: "The Sippy Cup Song"

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